Supported – Even If I Feel Empty and Exposed


A bare tree, towering in an expansive back yard, supports a drey. This one looks a wee bit bare and precarious. However, I also see an object lesson when my thinking gets squirrely, and picking up seems reasonable. In recovery, I too can be supported, although I feel empty and exposed.

Feelings won’t get me drunk: dumb choices will.

As I look at the drey, I wonder if there are little critters inside. How are they managing in a nest too large for the supporting branches? It seems as if it could crash to the ground with the slightest provocation. We’ve had several days of extra breezy weather so I wonder how that stays put.

Some days I feel like that squirrel’s nest looks – precarious and completely exposed. I long for cover! So, sometimes, being numb seems like a plan – a dangerous one that never the less makes sense.

These feelings when intertwined with memories, resentments, fears, disappointments, and guilt can feel like that squirrels’ nest I see. But, however messy and precarious that nest looks, it remains a shelter for life and hope. Whatever, and however I have built my life — my squirrels’ nest – I have a choice – and a solid support on troubling days, or painful hours.

Just for today, my life today, can too be a shelter for life and new beginnings!

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” (Alexander Graham Bell)

I may be squirreled up, and my dray windswept, precarious, and cold, but I choose to look for an opening and cling to a support that holds.What are you staring at dear reader that is closing? Look around, please, to see what is opening!


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful


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Supported – Even If I Feel Empty and Exposed