Swinging at Curve Balls

How are you at hitting curve balls? (metaphorical or real) 

That was the topic for at a recent anniversary. 

The speaker described a serious bout with a mean kind of cancer several years into their recovery.  And they did not drink . . . they credited the program— fellowship, steps and meetings. 

Listening to Other Players

Then,  the speaker opened the meeting up for others to share how we coped when life throws us curve balls. 

You know what I heard is worth reminding myself when I feel a curve ball coming: 

“I cannot control whatever this is without You,  God, this fellowship  and the Steps.” 

So many who shared affirmed how to swing at life’s curveballs — simple not always so easy.

Get with my High Power; talk to my sponsor, and get to a meeting. 

Their advice was not new — but brother, the curveballs  we are pitched are as many and varied  as we are. 

The speaker described the “pink cloud” they were on;  the euphoria that can surround us, cushion us, invigorate us, as we come to know alcohol does not have to control us anymore.  

curve balls
Zenos Frudakis (American, 1951–), “Freedom,” 2001. Bronze, 8 × 20 ft. 16th and Vine Streets, Philadelphia.

But some time into recovery, life pitches us some curve balls — or spit balls — or a beanball.  And truly,  the past two years pitched some wild ones! 

By God’s grace,

I am still in the game . . .even  though at times I  may feel like I struck out — Thankful I am for Step Ten., can keep me in the game. (Owning up to Dry Drunks)  

How goes it with with life’s curve balls in your “ball park” dear reader — what you are learning is valuable! Any batting tips you can share?


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful


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Swinging at Curve Balls
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