Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

T-Day is in the history books . . . ours was a quiet day—but good Break out the crayons and  color me grateful and sober. 

a fond memory

Color me mindful, too of many alcoholics who are struggling in the isolation that the second year of a pandemic sadly necessitates  (The latest issue of the  Grapevine  was a useful attitude adjuster in another year of situations nobody saw coming. )

Grateful, sober —and mindful: that’s what I am.

I didn’t get here on my own. And I am sure not going to stay any one of these ways alone, either. 



This year has taught me never take a meeting for granted — especially in the isolating reality that a second year of Covid-19 imposes. 

Opportunities for service — the third component of recovery — are a bit different — but the rewards are more than satisfactory!  (Recovery, Unity Service) 

Staying connected via phone, text and email is a reliable  tool — I just got off the phone, reading Bill’s Story with another AA. 

Just trying to write out my recovery reminds me keeping it simple is smart on so many levels. 

So I KNOW This

The Big Book is a big help — a bigger help with we hearing the words  — .Hear Bill’s story read aloud! 

A good way to revitalize the little grey cells!

And I will also put in a plug for hearing the words of my Higher Power read too — Poirot —a.k.a. David Suchet does a great job!   (Youtube link_) 

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers! 

Thanks for reading — If you have learned something in these crazy times to share about recovery, please do. 

You might like some links on avoiding  a dry drunk especially this day, and enjoying Emotional sobriety  when the thought  POOR ME! offers you a ride to places not worth revisiting! 

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful (or as heard in a meeting RECOVERING and Discovering) 

 PS:  I know — GOD is a touchy topic. Rereading Chapter 4  in the Big Book is never a waste of time — even and  especially for someone who professes faith in God. 


Grateful to be able to move!


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Thanksgiving 2021