Thanksgiving 2023 — For My Book and Meetings

This Thanksgiving, I am oh so grateful for my 12&12 book, and for the folks who come out for meetings. 


Grateful for My Book

my book

My 12 & 12 book is almost falling apart; it’s been a good friend and confidant for many years. 

It’s like a journal/text book/ note book in which I can jot down the help AA’s have share, so I remember:

A whole lifetime geared to self-centeredness cannot be set in reverse all at once.  (A.A.’s 12 &12, page 73)

But thank God, He still permits U-Turns when I can’t back my way out of troubles, usually of my own making. 

Doubly Grateful for Meetings—

Thank God, too, for all the people in recovery who come to meetings. They usually have enough anecdotes about their reversing course, turning around —changing —that makes my daily progress seem doable.  

“We cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive. Still, we must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.” ~Anonymous counsel 

Take what you need, and plant that seed!

Meetings are good seed dispensers — we can take what others offer and plant what we need, and come back for growing instructions. 

It just takes time.

I was told: I didn’t get to my bottom overnight; why get discouraged that the suggestion  of “going to any lengths” takes longer than 24 hours dry? 

I came to believe that . . . 

And to believe Someone greater than I has a plan to keep me productive. (Isaiah 46:35) 

But it has taken me time to understand and practice humble reliance on Good Orderly Direction. 

It’s progress— not perfection. ( Falling Down Holes Need Not be a Given )

In my quiet time today I read: Sometimes what I want seems so far out of my reach, that I start to believe it is out of God’s too:

We become so aware of our own inability to change circumstances, or even ourselves, that we imagine God must be as we are. (Jackie Hill Perry, Upon Awaking, page 89

Working Step Seven reminds me that humbly asking God to remove my shortcomings, I gotta act.  It means I quit pretending that they serve a purpose in my recovery.

ASK God to remove them — but, humbly; ask humbly. 

Humility is the ability to stand and the willingness to kneel. (An AA’s pithy definition)

And don’t wait until my back is against the wall, the NEW Meditation book urges:

Live in the solution, not the problem. (page 328)



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Thanksgiving 2023 — For My Book and Meetings
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