The What Which is a Who

Use the Right Pronoun!

When writing about my recovery from alcoholism, I am mindful that what set me on a path to mental, spiritual and physical health was a WHO. Years before I admitted I could not control my thoughts or actions or words when I drank, Someone was busy knitting a pattern of real help – putting people in place whose sound counsel enabled me to step off the elevator that was headed to a scary bottom. ( Psalm 139)

By the time I admitted I was powerless over alcohol, and my life was unmanageable, I believed Jesus Christ had saved me from my sins – the things I could have done, but didn’t; the things I should not have done, but did. I did not understand what tomorrow would look like without booze—I wasn’t even sure the day I asked for help, if I wouldn’t blow it and drink. Here’s where the Scriptures and the AA program are daily help.

Having put together years of sobriety, by God’s grace, I believe this day is a gift that is unmerited. Unwrapping it, enjoying it, learning from it is, however, my job; a job I don’t always do well. And sometimes the days are so dark, I have trouble seeing anything good. Others remind me of God’s faithfulness, like an AA friend who sent me a quote from Lamentations 3, and other friends who came around me and prayed and served.

No Happy Pills — but a Real Doctor

Dear reader, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired – of doing dumb and dangerous things, may I share Christ’s help and hope? (John 3:16-17) It isn’t just a placard at a football game . . . and it isn’t a happy pill to peace and prosperity. There is no better time . . . and there is no easier, softer way in this world or the next.

The holding back of spiritual things till “a better time” is a trait a child of God has many opportunities to be disabused of. Andree Seu Peterson

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful




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The What Which is a Who