Today’s Proverb: Gotcha!

This Day’s Proverb:

Some days a little zinger will remind me recovery is more than not drinking:

You can’t beg God to heal you and stay loyal to what’s killing you.

Help us Lord, change us Lord, heal us Lord, fill us Lord. Amen ~ Oak Cliff Bible Church

Grateful I am that last night I did not drink— nor did I need a heart-starter this morning.


BUT — I had to wrestle with quite a few attitudes yesterday

 That is, a few problems of daily living where I let some expectations become dangerously close to demands.

Plus, I let my gratitude bank run dangerously low on deposits. 

Then, I forgot that just because  an invitation to an argument or two arrives, doesn’t mean I have to accept! 

I don’t have to attend every argument I am invited too.

Screwy attitudes can erupt whether I have been fueled by booze or running on empty. They become especially dangerous when “activities of daily living” become excuses to skip Steps Ten and Eleven.


Spending any time mulling over what is annoying or aggravating me is like walking around with a lit firecracker and then being surprised the thing blew-up.

Grateful I am, then,  for that pointed proverb to examine what’s got my attentions. 


 Dear Reader— Thank you for stopping by! 

How goes it with you? 

These days can sure seem crazy, grim, and hard. There is ONE who can bear the load. (Matthew 11:28-30)

May you find Him now. 

A link to the  Eight Principles of Recovery might help — let me know.

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful 


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Today’s Proverb: Gotcha!
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