TWO Simple Suggestions

Hearing Again Two Simple Suggestions That Work

Anniversary meetings are inspiring celebrations. I went to one recently that celebrated over a century of sobriety: four people who had been a part of each other’s recovery as sponsee’s, sponsors and grand-sponsors, each passing on the miracle of their recovery. They each came to AA differently and they each sobered up in different ways following the same two simple suggestions: Keep coming back and Don’t drink between meetings.

  • One kept coming back and didn’t drink between meetings because she was afraid of what would happen if she did go back out.
  • Another stayed because although she herself did not consider herself an alcoholic, she sure knew she had a problem with alcohol.
  • Another stayed because she did not understand what the word unmanageable meant.  She had a job, a house, a car – great stuff on the outside, but was absolutely nothing on the inside.
  • One celebrant said she went to five meetings a day for a while.

Later they each found out, a few old-timers in their first meetings feared they would not make it. Somehow, though, they did make it, grateful for other AA’s who spoon-fed them so they would not choke on suggestions, so they would not drink between meetings.

Spoon-feeding is a good description of how my sponsor helped me take small bites:

  • easy does it;
  • when I wonder if I can safely drink: think the drink through;
  • listening to others speak, take what you need and leave the rest.
  • PRAY
  • Don’t drink between meetings
  • Keep coming back.

In a sense, I was sitting on Christ’s lap, for He gave me the courage to admit booze had me licked and that I did not have live anymore nightmares to prove anything to myself. In fact, my sponsor suggested said, it would be a good idea for the time being to quit thinking about myself, and listen to what others in the meeting said – for they were showing how the program works. (Chapter 5: How it Works) And in that anniversary meeting someone said that self-centeredness assumes self-sufficiency – and self-sufficient I am not.

Thanks for reading – hope these two simple suggestions gave you a some food for thought. If you need a meeting, here’s a starting point: Find A Local AA. If going to a meeting isn’t possible right now, try this: In These Rooms.


God Bless You!


Love in Christ,


Sober and Grateful


My Last Anniversary

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TWO Simple Suggestions