Wanting Special Privileges

Wanting special privileges is a character defect.

Working the steps, especially Step 3 helps restore the sanity of staying right-sized. 

Because my body is not cooperating with doing little tasks I once never thought about doing, my emotions flare up, wanting special privileges for my enduring “hardships.”

Discomfort makes me want to be special. In some ways I want myself crowned at my own pity party. 

In other ways, my wanting special privileges for problems in daily living that most people have is like a dry drunk. 

 Poor me, poor me. . . may lead to nowhere worth cost of going — literally or emotionally. 

Because I usually forget to include the One person who can redeem a pity party, it helps to review the good orderly directions  in Chapter 11, The Big Book: A Vision for You. 

Take my eyes of myself!

Remaining sober  . . . emotionally . . . means giving away what was given to me. (Chapter 11, The Big Book page 159)

 Once upon a time:

We used to see problems as insurmountable; now we take responsibility for finding solutions. And we find slowly we can claim moments of real peace. (Emotional Sobriety I, page 7*) 

To let go and let God, I need only surrender my old ways to Him; I no longer fight nor do I try to control, but simply believe that, with God’s help, I am changed and affirming this belief makes me ready. I empty myself to be full of awareness, light, and love, and I am ready to face each day with hope.

From the book Daily Reflections

Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

special privileges
Romans 8:26 — Image from Garden of Bright Images

Thanks for reading! I appreciate your time! 

Letting go of wanting special privileges, today, and holding tight to the one privilege I have by Grace through faith in Christ you have my     

Love in Christ — 

Sober and Grateful 

* Emotional Sobriety The Next Frontier (Selected Stories from the AA Grapevine) Paperback – 2006 by AA Grapevine

special privileges
from the AA Big Book
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Wanting Special Privileges
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