What Could Have Gone Wrong?

What Could Have Gone Wrong?

A program acquaintance was describing a drinking adventure that could have gone so very wrong. 

Theirs made me  think about choices I made drinking — without thinking through what the down-side of the choices could be.

What could have gone wrong . . . I never asked my drinking self.

what could go wrong
There are no short cuts to any place worth going . . . Beverly Sills

Some lucky folks knew early on how to tally up costs of their conduct— I couldn’t add or subtract properly until alcohol began to lose its ability to deliver the lift I needed— and my troubles started to multiply. 

I never even stopped to think anything could go wrong—because what I wanted was what alcohol was humming in my ears: Come fly with me . . . 

Alcohol gave me wings to fly; then took away my sky. 

Yep— Hitting the ground was something I had to do more than one time before I came to and realized I really had a choice.

I am really grateful when I got sober AA had a track record —by then people who were living soberly and gratefully were willing to share their experiences, strength and hope.

Doubly glad I am that my Higher Power, whom I call Lord – gave me the courage to ask for help. Recovery is not for Lone Rangers —we need each other and a Higher Power.

God Himself hasn’t left me ever to my own devices; nor has His word— the Scriptures — ever run me aground.   

The Twelve Steps have become kind of like a spiritual walker — walking  me through the paralysis that the realization of my powerlessness  generates.  AA friends and a sponsor  teach stuff — daily. The trick is being willing to learn . . . 

The Key is Willingness to take what we need and leave the rest.

My acquaintance described piling into a car with their friends and coasting in neutral along railroad tracks . . .  until an oncoming large light got their attention. 

Then I remembered also piling into a car — a really old car — with friends and a case or two of beer and driving around country roads . . . What could have possibly gone wrong?

I don’t want to spend any of the precious days I have left coasting in neutral. Or being thunderstruck about what went wrong?  Nor,  letting life interrupt the adventure recovery is. 

There have relatives in my not so distant family tree who might have had different lives if they had a program of recovery. 

Today I have a choice —not just to not pick up — but to do better. 

Mya Angelou said when we know better we do better.   

AA has shown me how to do better— even as old age rearranges opportunities to do all I would like to do. 

It’s never too late or too early to begin doing better — especially if doing better includes not drinking— just for today.  BTW: God is always on time.

And you and I don’t need to do it alone — we can get to a meeting — and say a prayer. (Emotional Sobriety  )

what could go wrong


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Love in Christ

Sober and Grateful 

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What Could Have Gone Wrong?
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