What Overcomes You?

A Lot Overcomes me!

On any given day, a lot can feel like it overcomes me! Senior citizenship, relationships, etc!

On those days I am  overcome with gratitude that whatever else is troubling me, figuring out how to safely drink is not something I have to do.


I can’t drink alcohol safely, period. 

Oh I might try just one drink . . . but not to enjoy a convivial drink with a friend, or to enjoy it as part of a meal. 


I would be taking that one drink to see if I could get away with it; it wouldn’t be about friendship or food — I would just want to prove  if I could get away with drinking one drink with no problems. Perhaps I could have another, and maybe just one more . . . 


Yep — I was never a social drinker . . . ever.

Whatever else is going on in these crazy times, I am grateful that 

  • in His time, my Higher Power has removed the obsession to drink; 
  • through the 12 Steps He has shown me how to solve problems I thought only alcohol would relieve;
  • the fellowship shows me how to enjoy life; even when problems show up I have friends. 


It’s good to glance back and remember — I had some great times — but, remembering how that last year drinking felt is good.

It felt  like me caught up in a hamster’s wheel trying to balance life and booze.

I remember the night I felt like booze finally had gotten the upper hand, and I realized — based on what I had learned about the disease —I had a choice.

God, I am glad I could make that choice  — especially because I often made choices to protect my drinking. 

Gratitude — practicing that attitude — even faking it until I can truly feel it — is what I choose.

G.K. Chesterton said gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. 

That’s about right.

Gratitude levels out the rough spots in the daily walk —my own emotional pot-hole repairer. 

from the Garden of Bright Images

Hey— I am just grateful I can walk — into a meeting and find a chair. 

Some of my dearest friends haven’t yet found their seat;a few didn’t.

What overcomes you, friend? How are you doing? 

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful  

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What Overcomes You?
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