When It Comes to GOD

When it comes to GOD, some of us struggle to figure out how to turn anything over to God because our understanding is poor of any power  greater than we are.  One AA kept things very simple, paraphrasing the Third Step this way:

Whoever it is up there who took care of me as I staggered from barroom to barroom, who guided while I drove home in a blacked-out condition, who kept me from seriously injuring my wife and children, who kept me from killing myself when I was dangerously out of control, please continue with this daily care, because I am aware of the intercession and I am truly grateful for it. 

Today my even shorter version of the Third Step is; Keep taking care of me Lord, because I appreciate it now. ~ Gary M., Berrien Springs, Michigan, (Step-by-Step, page 30)

Somedays it’s good to read a practical description of the the highfalutin words I use to recount the  infinite and personal ways my Higher Power* has cared for me and is changing me.

God, You have been with me in times I’d like to forget, but need to remember — maybe not exactly like Gary’s, but times when the elevator was descending to levels I never imagined going. Thank you for showing me a way off, and being right there when I asked for help to stop drinking. Thank you for giving what I need, and not what I want. 

When It Comes to God

 So, when it comes to God,  praying the Third Step prayer is unclenching my fist, and holding hands with my Helper.  

about God

God was on duty working things out even  before I made some downright dumb decisions. And He’s not left His post today, It’s me who goes AWOL; I’m the one who wanders. 

I appreciate that God keeps taking care of me —  holding my hand even if I wonder where in the world He is. 

Again, I am grateful you stopped in dear reader — Here’s a link to a favorite pastor and Some Prayers~Tim Keller


Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful 

*We Agnostics, The Big Book, Chapter 4 


when it comes to god

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When It Comes to GOD
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