Why [I think]I Drank

When I think back about why I think I drank,  details fuzz over. Mainly I started to drink because that was what everybody was doing. 

Because drinking was FUN!

My friends and I were sneaking around, getting “tight,’” and partying. It was the early sixties. 

My family, though had a wee bit different pattern. Some were in real trouble with how they drank. That never slowed me down, though. 

But the real reason I think I drank was I liked how I felt, and I loved the freedom  alcohol gave me to do and be what I knew was . . . risky. 

For whatever reasons I started, I kept on because . . . that’s what I did — until all the “stuff” I was learning about alcoholism — and how to with with other alcoholics became a wee bit of a searchlight into my “issues.” 

That information —- mainly coming to understand what I could control, and what I could not — opened a door to recovery from my own drinking, and daily living. 

Alcohol may not have the power it once had . . . today. But stupid thinking, and emotional benders sometimes do. 

So I pass along a bit of wisdom a friend shared. Take what you need — and let me know what you think.

A Simple Plan

Love in Christ,

Sober and grateful 


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Why [I think]I Drank
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