Working Step 6: Do You Want to Get Well?

Once upon a time, I thought the Twelve Steps to be of uneven proportions. Steps 1, 2, and 3 seemed doable to ascend compared to Steps 4 and 5. These steps seemed as intimidating as scaling Mt. Everest! Working Step 6, however, seems even more daunting; It is like hearing a voice when I look into the mirror that my 4th Step Inventory is, ask: Do you want to get well?

Am I truly ready and willing for God to remove all the defects of character my inventory and admission discovered? Step 6 seemed a higher order than I imagined; being willing to change means . . . gasp . . . letting God do His job.

What we must recognize now is that we exult in some of our defects. We really love them. (The 12 & 12, page 66)

So, please first go back to the last paragraph on page 75 of the AA Big Book and review your answers to the questions. Following are directions for taking Step 6.

 Refresher: An AA member in a meeting I attend developed a way to start working the Twelve Steps with AA literature. Again, on this step, I have added my suggestions, too. Remember we are making progress – not aiming for perfection!

  • Read John 5.
  • Read 76 in the Big Book and read Step Six in the Twelve and Twelve.
  • Define: entirely, ready, remove defects, character.
  • Explain the differences in seeing the need for change and being entirely ready to accept a positive change in your recovery. (Celebrate Recovery)
  • Pray – (Remembering Matthew 5:6 and James 4:10)
  • Study your list of character defects – and write down what the opposite of your defects. (Example: self-pity – gratitude; being judgmental — being compassionate; pride – remembering our own transgressions; fear – courage; anger – patience. )
  • Practice one day at a time the positive characteristics for a week. Note any changes as you tried on new behavior, attitudes, and words.
  • Review Christ’s question to the paralytic. What does it mean to you? (See 1 John 3:9)

. . . [W] hen I became willing to clean house, and then asked . . . God to give me release, my obsession to drink vanished. (The 12 & 12, page 63)

May God Bless our steps today! How are you taking this Step?

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Working Step 6: Do You Want to Get Well?