Working Step 7: On My Knees

Once we are ready to have God remove our defects, finishing Step 6, it is commonsense to ask the power who is greater than we are to take away what we cannot remove on our own. In a real way this is confirmation of our readiness to let go of habits, attitudes, memories – as well as the affirmation that God did not die and leave us in charge. We humbly ask.

Refresher: An AA member in a meeting I attend developed a way to start working the Twelve Steps with AA literature. Again, on this step, I have added my suggestions, too. Remember we are making progress – not aiming for perfection!


  • Read again from the Big Book, page 76 and read Step 7 in The Twelve and Twelve.
  • Memorize the 7th Step Prayer on Page 76 and take it with someone this week.
  • Practice being who we are all week and stay centered – dependent on a power greater than we are.

Christians are new creatures – 2 Corinthians 5:17, with a hope and a future.


. . . [W] hen I became willing to clean house, and then asked . . . God to give me release, my obsession to drink vanished. (The 12 & 12, page 63)

God Bless our steps today!

Love in Christ,

Sober and Grateful

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Working Step 7: On My Knees